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What adjustments need to be made during press operation?

It is impossible for a press to run ideally to process the best work piece when the operator starts the machine. Whatever the reason is, we have to get it back in some way in the first place. Before adjusting the punch, it is necessary to understand the instruction, the structure and adjustment method of the punch equipment.

Now let’s know more about the adjustment methods of punch press equipment:

1. The operator needs to put the upper die handle into the hole of the slider, and tighten it with the die splint and screw. The upper plane of the upper die has good contact with the bottom plane of the slider.

2. The operator needs to install the lower die directly on the working platform. After the correction with the position of the upper die, the lower die shall be fastened with bolts and pressed plates in the “T” groove.

3. The operator needs to pull down the lever, let the clutch engaged the flywheel by hand. In the end he moves the slider to the bottom dead point. The operator can’t drive the flywheel to rotate by the electric motor.

4. The operator needs to loosen the adjusting screw by locking screw wrench to turn the hexagon bolt. Then he adjusts the die height according to the specific requirements of the punch, and screws the locking and adjusting screws.

5. The operator needs to adjust the hitting rod on both sides of the bed, so that the pushing action occurs at the end of the stroke. It ensures that the hitting rod does not contact the pusher when the slider is at the upper dead point, so as to avoid accidents caused by the slider movement.

6. The operator need to connect the pull plate to the round pin under the bending rod for the first stroke. He also needs to connect the pull plate to the round pin under the rack for continuous stroke.

7. The operator can only install and adjust the punch equipment when the motor stops.

8. When the braking force is too large or too small, the operator needs to adjust the star handlebar on the brake, to relax or press the compression spring.

9. If the guide rail of the slide block is worn during the use of the punch, the fit clearance between them will greatly affect the guiding accuracy. The operator needs to adjust the guide rail clearance of the regularly with screws. If the abrasion is too much, the operator must grind guide rail again. Or different lest wear will cause slide block movement deviation.

10. When start the motor, the operator must pay attention to the flywheel rotation direction. It should be the same as the mark. Do not to reverse the direction of rotation, or you will damage the control other parts.

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