80T CE certificated steel punch machine pneumatic sheet metal power press

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Main features of pneumatic power press

  1. The pneumatic power press features fine steel plates welded machine body, tempering treatment (or vibration relief), shot blasting, rigidness, accuracy and stability.
  2. Vertical located crank shaft, compact structure; the crank shaft undergoes grinding treatment after high frequency quenching, which has a good smooth finish and rotates flexibly; lengthened rectangle hex guide-way with a surface of bronze plate, which has high guide accuracy.
  3. Pneumatic dual balance cylinder, balanced sliding block and punch weight, which reduce impact and noise, eliminate the clearance between connecting rod and sliding block, reduce the impact and wear of the stress parts.
  4. The whole machine adopt PLC centralized control. The gas circuits adopt imported safety dual-valve, which can achieve jog, inch, single and continuous punching.
  5. The key parts such as sliding block, guide-ways, worktable plate, connecting rod, and are all castings made of resin sand, which improved the surface roughness 1-2 level, and improve the size accuracy 2-3 level.
  6. The 60T-level machines adopt the electrical control device to adjust the die height. Fine configuration, the key parts like pneumatic components, electrical components, sealing parts, buttons and etc all adopt imported parts.



Pneumatic steel punch machine uses the high pressure gas generated by the compressor and deliver it to the solenoid valve through the pipeline, controlling the function of solenoid valve by the foot switch thus control the working of the air cylinder to achieve the purpose of punching. The compressed air can be stored in the air tank and used at any time, it can avoid energy waste during the idling time. Using the cylinder as the working part and the solenoid valve as the control element make the machine structure simpler, with low failure rate, high safety, simple maintenance, lower maintenance cost and high production efficiency.


After Sales Service

1.Warranty period is 12 months after receiving machine; any quick-wear part is available for free during guarantee period under proper operation, customers only need to pay for the freight of the replaced new parts.
2.Installation and training service is optional for customers, any client can ask for this service from HARSLE, they should assume the airfare and accommodation for our engineer during the journey.

Technical parameters

Technical parametersJH21-80T
Nominal Capacity800 KN
Nominal5 mm
Slide Stroke160 mm
Slide Stroke Per MinuteFixed60 Times/min
Variable40-60 Times/min
Maxium Die Set Height320 mm
Die Height Adjustment80 mm
Throat Depth310 mm
Distance Between Uprights610 mm
Slide Bottom SizeLXR540 mm
FXB460 mm
Bolster ThicknessDia50 mm
Depth65 mm
Bolster SizeLXR950 mm
FXB600 mm
Blanking Hole Miameter180 mm
Bolster Thickness140 mm
Bolster Surface Height900 mm
Overall DimensionsFXB1765 mm
LXR1200 mm
H2725 mm
Distance Between Foundation BoltsFXB1210 mm
LXR920 mm
Motor Power7.5 KW
Weight(Approximate)6450 Kg
Press Pressure0.5 Mpa



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