125ton mechanical power press,metal stamping machine, steel punch machine

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A power press is a modern machine for punching and embossing sheet metal.  Compared with traditional machinery, it has higher efficiency, lower technical requirements for the operator. It is an indispensable part of production, as well as press brake and shearing machine.

HARSLE company manufacture J23 series metal stamping machine, which can be widely used for punching holes, blanking, trimming, bending, and forming. In production of aerospace, electrical appliance, bicycle, mechanical appliance, cups, etc. by using different customized molds.

Principle of mechanical power press

The principle of the power press is to convert the circular motion into a linear motion. Firstly the main motor outputs the force, and drives the flywheel and the gear, then running through crankshaft, connecting rod, etc to achieve the linear motion of the slider. There is a circle motion from the main motor to the connecting rod.

The transition point between circular motion and linear motion is between the connecting rod and the slider. Generally there are two kinds of mechanisms here, one is a ball type and the other is a cylindrical type, which convert to linear motion of the slider. The power press punches the material to deform it and obtain the required shape with high accuracy. Therefore, a set of dies (icluding upper and bottom dies) must be matched to place the material, and the machine force to deform it.

Main features of power press

  1. High rigidity as a result of the cast structure which has a higher vibration resistance
  2. Convenient C-type frame,bigger area for loading and unloading
  3. Easy-maintenance crankshaft to ensure the efficiency of operations
  4. Press-down safety device,protection for the emergency
  5. Compatible and automatic servo feeding device to maximize the productivity
  6. Customized parameters to meet varied products

Technical parameters

Technical parametersJ23-125T
Nominal Force1250KN
Slide Stroke130mm
Number of Stroke40times/min
Closed Height420mm
Closed Height Adjustment60mm
Throat Depth320mm
Column Distance430mm
Table SizeFront and Back650mm
Left and Right1000mm
Slide Bottom SizeFront and Back350mm
Left and Right380mm
Shouk DimensionDiameter70mm
Thickness of Table110mm
DimensionFront and Back1900mm
Left and Right1500mm




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