Mechanical Press

Mechanical Press

Mechanical press features simple operation and low maintenance, helical gear transmission.


① Ram

② Die Height Adjustment

③ Control Buttons

④ Working Lamp

⑤ Geap

● With an inclinable cast structure, the machine body can incline to allow a punched work-piece or waste material to slide down from the die.

● With a rigid turn-key clutch, the press has single or continuous operation standards.

● The punch press uses a single type brake. The sliding block is equipped with a press-down type safety device that can be pressed down to protect the entire machine.

● Avoid being damaged in case of overpressure.

● The machine has the advantages of high universality, high precision, reliable performance and convenient operation.


Main Motor

Connection Rod

Die Height Adjustment

Die Height Ruler

Control Buttons

Working Lamp


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