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Nanjing HARSLE Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise which manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, shearing machine, hydraulic press, power press, Ironworker, laser cutting machine and other related machines.We always adhere to the business principle of “making better machine, providing first class service”, so our products have been trusted widely in many industries.​



Abbiamo il forte team di supporto tecnico e, in caso di domande, possiamo fornirti soluzioni in 12 ore.



Le nostre macchine sono progettate dal nostro team di professionisti, che garantisce la precisione e la velocità delle nostre macchine.



HARSLE offrirà 3 anni di garanzia per la tua macchina, possiamo anche sostituire le tue parti gratuitamente durante il periodo di garanzia.

Why Choose HARSLE

Choosing HARSLE means choosing good machine, good quality and good service.

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HARSLE is a professional metal working machine manufacturer and we have clients from all over the world, we will show you what they say and what they think


Pneumatic Punching Machine for Peruvian customer, HARSLE's feedback


Steel Door Embossing Machine, HARSLE Metal Door Hydraulic Press Machine Feedback

[South Korea]

HARSLE Guillotine Shearing Machine in South Korea, Sheet Cutting Machine Reviews


HARSLE Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine Machine in Malaysia, Customer Feedback


HARSLE CNC Press Brake with DA-58T in Balerus, Customer Feedback

HARSLE Certificate

HARSLE has received many world-class certificates, and the quality of the machinery is absolutely guaranteed.

Our Team

HARSLE sale are experienced and friendly, so feel free to contact us when you have question about the machine.


Divisione di piegatura

Ivy Zhang

Divisione Tranciatura

Sissi Zhang

Divisione di punzonatura

Wendy Xu

Divisione di formazione

Grazia Guo

Divisione porte

Jimmy Chen

Divisione Laser

Sandy Xue


HARSLE offrirà 3 anni di garanzia per la tua macchina, possiamo anche sostituire le tue parti gratuitamente durante il periodo di garanzia.

Intimate service

In order to help customers choose the most suitable product, we will seriously ask the customer’s specific needs before buying, such as the targeted plate and the occasion of use, and then provide customers with options based on all known information. After carefully making the product, we will send the video and photos of the test machine to the customer to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. Photos of packaging and loading will also be sent to the customer at the time of shipment to ensure that the product is safely delivered to the customer’s location. After the products are delivered, we will contact customers in time to help customers install and use. If there are any problems in the subsequent use, we will patiently and meticulously help customers answer, hoping to give customers the most satisfactory shopping experience.

Telephone Hotline Service(free)

365 days a year, 7x24 hours per week and company telephone hotline (+86-25-56200956) service support.

E-mail support service (free)

E-mail service support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. E-mail: support@harsle.com

Remote technical support service (free)

The company has a 7x24 on duty technical support and response center, which can provide remote online at any time to help customers solve problems

On-site support service (charge)

When necessary, the company will send experienced technical engineers to the site to provide services to users.
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