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Is punching work dangerous? Here is some truth!

It is not uncommon to hear the owners of punch factories complain that they are unable to find several punch makers they want. The puncher itself is not very demanding, why is it difficult to recruit? This is mainly due to the repeated occurrence of punch injury incidents, which has made people subconsciously think that punch is a kind of high-risk work. When people are looking for a job, they have already talked about punch and become discolored. So, is a punch operation really that dangerous? Why are there often accidents in which the punch presses the workers’ hands?

In fact, the punch is not so dangerous as the phenomenon, in case of any punch injury incidents, there are reasons. On the one hand is the reason of punch mill, on the other hand is the reason of worker operation. As long as you do both, the punch is safe. Today we’re going to talk to those, who want to work in the punch business about how you can eliminate the risk of a punch.

Firstly, the factory should pay attention to matters.

In fact, we need to view the punch work in the same way as logistics, the boss provides a car for the driver to drive, at least to provide the driver with a fully qualified car. The punch work is the same. The operator operates a punch, only the punch is completely qualified, safety can be assured. The equipment has the following requirements:

1. The punch is in good operation

Good punch is the basis of safe production, the lubrication of the punch must be normal; Copper tile cannot appear excessive wear; Brake tension should be within the normal range; Clutch, control system operation is flexible; Bolts in each part shall not be loosened;

2. Install safety grating

After the installation of the safety grating, if the stamping hand or other items affecting the safety of the dangerous area, the punch will be emergency stop; Unable to start punch press under shutdown. Below is a punch with a safety grating.

3. Reasonable switch design

It is necessary to design two start switches and an emergency stop switch, and these two start switches must be apart from each other. Only when the stamping worker presses two start switches at the same time can the machine be started. The emergency stop switch should not be too far away from the puncher, otherwise, the worker cannot stop the punch at the first time when something happens.

4. Reasonable design of stamping die

If the punch is the first element of safe production, then the stamping die is the second element. The production of stamping parts depends on stamping die, so whether the design of stamping die is reasonable plays a crucial role in safety.

Whether the discharging is convenient and whether the discharging is smooth will affect the safety of the factory during operation. Mold design must be able to ensure that the factory can easily use the tools to discharge and unload.

5. To use safety tools

In the stamping process, it is absolutely that the operator can’t make the hand into the working area of the mold, this must be used to complete the safety tools to discharge and blanking work. Safety tools commonly used today include magnet, sucker, and tweezers.

6. Reasonable noise reduction measures

For a long time under the impact of the press noise, the concentration and mental state of the factory will continue to decline, reasonable noise reduction measures can not only ensure the mental state of the stamping workers but also responsible for the health of the workers!

6. Establish safety management system and press operation manual

The stamping factory must carry on the safety training to the stamping workers from time to time, rooting the safety production idea deeply in people’s mind. Help stamping staff to establish safe operating habits.

Secondly, punch workers should pay attention to matters

1. Keep your spirits up

When operating a punch, you must be in a good state of mind, and you must not operate a punch in a bad state of mind. If you have something on your mind, be sure to ask for leave from the factory or transfer to another position.

2. Ensure concentration

At work you can’t talk to other people, let alone look at your cell phone or make or receive calls. Do not engage in any other matters unrelated to the operation of the punch.

3. Keep a calm mind

When the discharge is not smooth or the product is stuck in the mold, be sure to calm down to stop processing.

4. Operators can’t put hands into the working area

Hands entering the work area results in 90% of all punch press injuries, operators can’t put the hands to enter the work area. This is the first guarantee of safety for stamping workers! Please use tools to realize manual safety!

5. Dress sensibly

Wear work clothes, collar, cuffs to have a certain degree of tightness. For women workers with long hair, they should wear a working cap and press the hair into the cap. Do not wear skirt to operate punch.

6. Learn the company’s safety regulations and operation manual

Often learn the safety production specification system made by the company, and establish the awareness of safety production.

In fact, stamping and punching work is not so dangerous as long as the operators note and follow safety rules in daily production. Just like driving, ensure good traffic conditions, focus on the posture, fully comply with the traffic regulations, can be safe and safe on the road. Stamping is the same reason, to ensure a good press state, safe operation, fully comply with the press operation manual, but also safe and complete operation of the press!

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