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Guides to punch press

With more widely popularity of punch machines, various types of punch problems are increasing. The following is a simple explanation of the common mechanical faults and maintenance of punch press.

Because the punch has fast speed and high pressure, you must comply with certain safety regulations to blank and mold.

1.Stall protective cover on the transmission parts exposed outside the press. Don’t start or test the car when the protective cover is removed.

2.Before starting your operation, check whether there are loose screws, cracked molds,blocked lubrication system. If necessary, you can drive an empty car to do the test.

3.When installate mold, you must open the slider to the bottom dead point. and the correct closing height will avoid eccentric load; Please fix the molds firmly and tested for pressure.

4.Pay attention to your operation, do not put your hands, tools or other objects into the danger zone. You need to operate with a special tool (tweezers or feeding mechanism).

5.If you find abnormal sound in the press , such as the sound of repeated blows and crackles, please stop the feeding immediately to check the reason. It may be the rotating parts of the system become loose, the control device fails, the mold becomes loose and defective, stop and repair the press.

6.At the end of each stroke, your hands or feet must leave the buttons or pedals to avoid misoperation.

7.When more than two people operate the press, operating staff need to pay attention to coordination and cooperation. Before going off work, you need to drop and disconnect the mold from the power supply, and do necessary cleaning.

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