Wissen Sie, was verwendet wird, um die Genauigkeit einer Stanzpresse zu testen?

When the slider moves up and down, the verticality between the slider and the the machine body surface is one of the most important static accuracy testing items. In order to ensure the reliability of precision and portability of measuring tools, people often use steel cylindrical gauges for measuring tools. Therefore, to ensure the steel cylinder gauge accuracy in accordance with CNS8093-B6059 code and use maintenance is an important daily work item.

In schlagen testing, the steel cylinder gauge has the advantages of small floor area, measurement in any direction, cheap price and can be carried to the customer site. People can use the surface coating to re-grind when they find there is abrasion and precision error. People can reuse precision detection in line with the standard, to avoid increasing the cost of new products. In accordance with the requirements of CNS8093-B6059, the precision of the cylinder gauge (the difference between its perpendicularity and axial diameter) must meet the standard of 2 + (L / 200) um, L refers to the length of the cylinder gauge. Therefore, for the cylinder gauge, there is the accuracy tolerance difference as shown in the following table:

Length L (mm)Allowable difference between perpendicularity and axial diameter (um)
150 2.8
200 3.0
300 3.5
400 4.0
600 5.0
800 6.0
1000 7.0
1200 8.0

As the cylinder gauge is a standard measuring tool, people need take special care in its use and maintenance. Otherwise the cylinder gauge will cause measurement error after damage. Therefore, the inspectors can adopt multi-direction comparison to ensure the measurement accuracy.

The following are the key points that operators need to pay attention to in the use and maintenance of cylinder gauge:

1. Carefully handle the process of measuring the accuracy of the schlagen Drücken Sie

The bottom area of the cylinder gauge is small, it is easy to dump when it is pushed or hit. Although cylindrical gauges are mostly hollow, they are still of considerable weight. In addition to damaging the cylinder gauge itself, tipping can also damage the workpiece under test or the platform at the bottom, so care must be taken.

2, wipe clean must be heavy bottom

Although the area at the bottom of the cylinder gauge is small, if the bottom or the flat surface of the cylindrical gauge is dirty, it will cause the error of perpendicularity. The longer the length of the cylinder gauge, because the bottom of the unclean produced by the vertical error will be greater.

3, schlagen accuracy test after the completion of full rust prevention

Steel cylinder gauge must be rust – proof after use to avoid rust. People’s hands have sweat, which contains salt and can easily rust metal products. Even if the cylinder gauge after chrome plating treatment, there is a strong anti-rust ability, still cannot despise anti-rust work.

4, long-term collection should be upside down

When collecting cylinder gauge, in order to avoid smudges, wear or bruises, to place on the head and feet, safer. And the circumstance that the recumbent collects, besides occupy a space more besides, cylindrical gauge also produces roll more easily, collision, scratch to wait for an accident.

5. Use cushion protection when stored in the warehouse

In order to avoid the cylinder gauge falling or rolling damage, the best way of storage is to use cushion or wood to do the protection measures. Use special wooden cases with special features whenever possible. If no wooden cases are available, it is recommended to place them in an area covered with padded or wooden floors, and then cover them with bubble bags or padded ones to make them safer.

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