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9 common problems and solutions for punching presses

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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

When we use a punch press to make products, there are often some failures. So, what are the common faults when punching presses? How should they be handled? Let’s take a look at the following introductions.

Here are some common faults and solutions for punching presses:

1. The emergency stop button of the punching machine is not reset or has poor contact.

Solution: Rotate the button in the direction of the arrow to restore the original position or replace the button.

2. After the emergency stop, the punching press slide block is not returned to the top dead center for a single time.

Solution: Use the inching specification to return the slider to the top dead center.

3. The indicator light for insufficient air pressure on the punch press does not light up.

Solution: Detect the part where the air pressure is insufficient and adjust it.

4. The micro switch of the overload protection device is not adjusted properly.

Solution: readjust and test.

5. Power supply and circuit failure.

Solution: Check the power supply and related circuits.

6. Increased clutch cylinder stroke on the punching press.

Solution: Use tools to adjust and adjust the stroke to the normal range.

7. The clutch piston is stuck or leaking on the punch press.

Solution: Use tools to repair or replace the clutch.

8. The clutch generates heat due to the high number of single strokes when the punch press works.

Solution: Reduce the number of single operations.

9. The clutch solenoid valve is leaking or the coil is short-circuited when the punching machine is operated.

Solution: Repair or directly replace with new parts.

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Wendy Xu

Wendy has her own unique knowledge of punching machines. When she sees a customer’s drawing, Wendy can accurately recommend the best punching machine and the right tooling for the customer. Because Wendy knows enough about punching machines, she is often called upon by distributors to buy large quantities of punching machines.



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    This article is also very useful! Some problems have indeed been encountered in production, here are the answers, thank you very much!

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